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Welcome to Dry's Pond Illustration & Interactive Design, where a solid design process and attention to detail craft every project. Browse through my portfolio and see how I've helped clients achieve their marketing and editorial goals. Get a glimpse at what crawls through my head occasionally under Personal. If you'd like to commission an illustration, contact me. I tweet @dryspond.

Bob Dry, Illustrator and Designer







The Pond's an oval with one blunt side along the dam. It's about an acre in size and was dug out more than fifty years ago by my grandfather with help from friends and family. Its primary purpose was to irrigate the crops he grew, mostly tobacco. Today it's a great place for fishing and shooting the breeze. My grandfather, Cloniger Young was a thin man and very buoyant. They say he could float on his back all afternoon, reading the Sunday paper.

I've worked in the creative industry for over fifteen years in a variety of roles. As an illustrator I've worked for The Izaak Walton League, Nature's Delight, Corona and Modelo Beers, and a few others. My illustration style combines the sincerity of hand-drawing with the vibrancy of digital color application.

For my day job, I'm the web administrator for campbell.edu. For my night job, I draw and code for clients and my own musings.